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Unique Technique Productions is a hobby that started when I was a freshman in high school back in 1984. UT Productions is as mobile Disc Jockey (DJ) group that has continued for over 25 years. I am part of the San Diego chapter of Unique Technique. There are chapters in Carson, CA; Riverside, CA ; Stockton, CA; and on the Pacific Island of Guam.

I have been managing the group since 2000. I also take care of the Master-of-Ceremomy (MC) and technical support duties for the group. I have modified the the group logo to reflect the different chapters of Unique Technique in California.

Unique Technique Productions



Numix Media is a ficticious company that I created to use for my Multimedia projects in fall 2001, when I started the Communications program at San Diego City College. It was not until 2003 that I was able to apply the name Numix Media to my multlimedia projects. That was the year I started the Multimedia specialization at San Diego City College. Also that's when I started the Multimedia program at San Diego Mesa College. This logo is a modification of the original logo from a company called NUMIX Performance & 12" Vinyl. I have received permission from the original company to use this logo.

Numix Media

Since 1992 I have been studying Filipino Martial Arts. The particular form of martial arts I study is called Arnis. I hold the rank of "Maestro", which is equivalent to a Black Belt in other Martial Arts. It is the first level in the instructor ranks. There is no belt system in this particular school of martial arts just levels of achievement.

My school is Gajo Marital Arts Bothoan. My instructor is Guro Mario Gajo. As Maestro Guro Mario tasks me with certain projects for the school. From Guro Mario's designs I have compiled the school logo ; prepared the his graphics for screen printing; and modified the certificates for both students and instructors. I feel very priviledge to be chosen as student of Guro Mario's. Not everyone who applies get selected to be a one of his students.

Gajo Martial Arts Bothoan


Part of my duties as a Instructional Assistant at the Mesa College Independent Learning Center is to work with other deparments. On certain occassions I am called upon to provide graphic design services as assigned by my supervisor. One department that I have had the honor to work with on several projects is the San Diego Community College Police Department. For the SDCCDPD I have prepared their graphics for t-shirts, powerpoint presentations, and a department tent.

San Diego Community College Police Patch


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