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Gajo Martial Arts Bothoan


Gajo Martial Arts Bothoan

I began doing graphic design work for Gajo Martial Arts Bothoan in November 2004 when making a logos for the front patch and back side of the school t-shirts. Based on the designs of my instructor Mario Gajo I made revisions and prepared the t-shirts for print. This process lasted until April 2005 when the shirts were finally printed. In July 2006 I began modifying the original instructor certificate design and updated the design from hand drawn graphics to 2-D graphics using a drawing program on the computer. The revised instructor certificate was presented to the newly certified Filipino Martial Arts instructors in April 2007.

I recently revised the student certificates in January 2008. I'll post the artwork at a later time.

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Last Updated February 01, 2008

Gajo Martial Arts T-shirt
T-shirt Front View

Gajo Martial Arts t-shirts front patch
Front Patch

Gajo Martial Arts t-shirts with sleeve band
T-Shirt w/ Sleeve Band

Gajo Martial Arts left short sleeve band
Short-Sleeve Band

Gajo Martial Arts t-shirt back view
Back View

Gajo Martial Arts t-shirt back logo
Back Logo

Gajo Martial Arts t-shirt long left sleeve logo
Long Sleeve Band