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Something About NUMIX...

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Originally Numix was a hybrid concept that combined a high perfomance car shop with a 12" vinyl record store for disc jockeys called Numix Performance & 12" Vinyl. The idea was that people that attended car shows also go to dance clubs and share the same love of music. . Unfortunately the Numix Performance & 12" Vinyl this experiment lasted about two years from 1998-2000.

From 2000-2002 Numix Media was still in its conceptual stage. In fall 2001, when I started the Video/Film specialization in the Communications program at San Diego City College; I asked and received permission to use the name for use a fictitious company for my media projects for school. With the blessing of one of the former owners of Numix Performance & 12" Vinyl I transformed the name to Numix Media. It was not until 2003 that I was able to apply the name Numix Media to my multlimedia projects. 2003 was the year I started the Multimedia specialization at San Diego City College; and also that when I started the Multimedia program at San Diego Mesa College. This was the year that Numix Media was formally established.

It was in spring 2003 while taking a Telemedia class at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA that I was able to place the Numix Media stamp for the first time on a video project. Also in spring 2003 I was also able to apply the Numix Media name to my graphic design projects at San Diego City College. In fall 2003 I used Numix Media for my Multimedia and projects at San Diego Mesa College.

I began doing graphic design work for Gajo Martial Arts Bothoan in November 2004 when making a logos for the front patch and back side of the school t-shirts. Based on the designs of my instructor Mario Gajo I made revisions and prepared the t-shirts for print. This process lasted until April 2005 when the shirts were finally printed. In July 2006 I began modifying the original instructor certificate design and updated the design from hand drawn graphics to 2-D graphics using a drawing program on the computer. The revised instructor certificate was presented to the newly certified Filipino Martial Arts instructors in April 2007.

From summer 2005 to winter 2005 I designed the graphics used for the San Diego Community College District Police Department pop-up tent. This tent is used for recruiting potential new police officers to the department. The graphics I designed for the tent was also applied to the College Police t-shirts and coffee mugs. In July 2006 I also helped in the redesign of the College Police car trunk graphics.

I still use Numix Media till this day. I plan to use Numix Media for my projects in Broadcast Media and Digital Entertainment and Interactive Arts at National University in San Diego.

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